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06syllabus_Spring_JS102_2 - Phil Carr Fall 2006 Officer Hrs...

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Phil Carr Fall 2006 Officer Hrs 1630 -1730 T MH 527 (408) 464-4260 Email – [email protected] Website: http://prcarrjr.pageout.net JS 102 Police and Society MH Rm. 520 Tuesday 1730-2015 Course Description A study of law enforcement development and procedures from the 1800’s to present day policing. Emphasis on the police /community relationship and the evolution of current models and practices. Textbook R. Roberg, K. Novak and G. Cordner, (2004) Police and Society . 3 rd Ed. Roxbury: Los Angeles. Recommended : American Psychological Association. (2001) Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association . (5 th Ed.). Washington DC: Author Website Registration Students will be required to register at two online sites to take the course quizzes and to submit an electronic version of their essay. Registration can be completed at http://prcarrjr.pageout.net and at http://www.turnitin.com for essay submission (course # 1435547 and the password pcarrsjsu) Requirements 1. A two page introduction paper (25 points) 2. Research essay (50 points) 3. Five online quizzes @ 10 points each (50 points) 4. One classroom presentation (25 points) 5. Mid-term exam (75 points) 6. Final Exam ` (75 points ) Total ………. 300 points Student Evaluations A= 300-270 B= 269-240 C= 239-210 D= 209-180 F= 180-0
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Introduction paper Each student will complete a two page type written introduction paper discussing the police/society relationship that most interests you and your future goals in the justice system. The introduction paper must be completed prior to any further assignments being accepted. Papers turned in after the due date will receive a score of zero, but are still required to be submitted. Your introduction paper
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06syllabus_Spring_JS102_2 - Phil Carr Fall 2006 Officer Hrs...

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