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197: EXAMPLE EDUCATIONAL SESSION TOPICS : 1. Leisure Values Identification/Values Clarification 2. Leisure Resources Awareness/Identification 3. Defense mechanisms 4. Breathing Techniques 5. Meditation 6. Social Skills Training (Specific skill) 7. Non-violent communication 8. Sensory Training/Stimulation (LTC, DD) 9. Assertiveness Skill Building 10. Cognitive Restructuring/triple column 11. Cognitive Distortions 12. Emotions identification/expression
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Unformatted text preview: 13. Relaxation Training (a specific technique) 14. Body Centered Therapy 15. Anger Management/expression 16. Leisure Awareness 17. Family Caregiver Education 18. Personal Boundaries 19. Magnification techniques 20. Communication principle 21. 5 flags of non-verbal communication 22. Cognitive behavioral techniques 23. Behavior Modification 24. Ambiguous Loss 25. Non-Verbal communication...
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