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Y. ' i ' "' "' ''-*.it : .( . . i'\ rr,-- \ 'r, {-'}- T-tests ed'- \ \{ -- \--\' Degrees of freedom = (n-2)+*left side of chart !,.,,\-- \_ .0S++right side of chart L '^\ '.' .u5'*ngnt sloe oT cnart **that number becomes t(crit) srv\r \ 51 Faitto reject null hypothes'r' \\-.rr\ a \. ,an,,\ rrNxq .u'\v \r I I Reject null hypothesis: \a on{> \t ,^,*\ 'q i'r {i r lndependent variable: the presumed source of differences in the data, which is often manipulated in the study' Example: the stock outcome, or price after one year, is manipulated in the study (ie. lt is provided or not provided) ++so, if the p-value (sig. 2-tailed) is less than or equalto .05, the null hypothesis is rejected Dependent variable: the presumed effect that "depends" upon the independent variable Example: the estimated
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Unformatted text preview: price depends uponrruhether or not the stock outcome is provided'a2 qk \'\ I Z+t -- 2"i - C-," *,.\ 1 t, =.i .*: - t2fr) \\ u i L !t*r"a -\; s\+* r , Ls.o\r sPss 2x" T: t(obt) df: degrees offreedom Sig(2-tailed): p-value Chi-square: f's don't mean anything (ie: coded 0 or 1) 2 by 2 tables: each square has totals, each row has totals & each column has totals Cell number, observedi (observed frequency in each qe-!l), expectedi (expected frequency in each cell): total row 1 X total column 1 / total number of participants q\\\ -A\r)',,-1.* = "',1'zSk Degrees offreedom for chi-square: = (r-1)(c-1), where R=number of rows in table C=number of columns in table Desired p-value < 0.05 0 rr:_ ,(r=? \-rAvr" \. vJ\ v 2. $xtxrrXr j.\1trf tr' \ \\ ,,. t-' r,I., -...
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