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Comm 91J — Judge Training You will need to view the six videos on this site and fill out three judging ballots . Please read the following directions carefully. 1. You will need a copy of H ow to Write the Perfect Ballot . The book contains the rules for each event and information that will help you write your ballots. This book is only available in our office in HGH 214 for $10. 2. Once you have a copy of the text, read the Overview of Judge's Responsibilities and look at the events in Oral Interpretation of Literature; Platform Speeches and Debate. This year the high schools will be adding one more form of debate - Parliamentary Debate. It is not included in this handbook, but the information is on this web-site under rules for Parliamentary Debate. 3. If for some reason you encounter technical difficulty, send us an
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Unformatted text preview: email . This site should operate smoothly, if it doesn't, don't give up. Contact us . We will not accept excuses that you were unable to navigate the site and therefore have not completed the assignments. 4. You need to watch both the individual events and one of the debates . Ballots must be thoroughly completed for each event to get credit for this class. 5. After completing the ballots you can either, return them to the black file box outside of HGH 214 or hit the submit button and email them to us. Make sure that your name is clearly written on all three ballots. The ballots will need to be submitted by: • The first Monday in December for the Fall semester, or • The first Monday in May for the Spring semester...
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