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FREDIE SITUATION PLUS 3 DIFFERENT RESPONSES Fredie has a short fuse and angers very easily. He bullies younger and smaller kids. He is polite to teachers but he has no friends and classmates stay away from him. His skills are average and he attends school every day. RESPONSE #1--INFORMATION FOR STUDENT Fredie lives with mother and her boyfriend. The boyfriend drinks every weekend and when he is drunk he hits Fredie’s mother and Fredie. He has never left a mark. Fredie has begged his mother to leave the boyfriend but mother won’t leave because when the boyfriend is not drunk, he is a nice man. Fredie would like to go live with his grandmother but is afraid to leave his mother alone with her boyfriend. RESPONSE #2 Fredie lives with his mother and older brother, age 17. Father was arrested 2 years ago and will be in jail 5 more years. Mother works from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. and expects her children to be responsible to get to school. Sometimes Fredie wants to sleep in, but his brother “thinks he is now the father” and pulls him out of bed, and then physically pushes and hits him to get dressed and get to school. Fredie would rather stay in bed rather than get up and be hit by his brother. RESPONSE #3 Fredie has a supportive family. When he entered the school a year ago as a new student he was intimidated daily by 3 bullies who travel as a pack for the whole school year. He decided it was safer to strike out rather than be vulnerable. He is fighting almost daily and feels angry and vulnerable. He has not made any good friends and misses his previous school. He has considered stabbing the bullies but worries he would be overpowered by them if he tried. CONSIDERATIONS FOR TEACHER 1. Confidentiality. Did you mention that you talk with students who sometimes have difficult situations? 2. Did you use open-ended questions? 3. Did you discuss your plan? ke 3/10 Rev.
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NOA SITUATION WITH 3 DIFFERENT RESPONSES. Noa is one of 4 children in her family. The children walk to school together and are usually late. They sometimes come without coats in cold weather. They are quiet and are below average in skills. Homework is not done. Hygiene is marginal--hair is usually not clean and clothing is stained in the same places with food 2 or 3 days in a row. The children are well behaved. RESPONSE #1 Mother is working 2 jobs for money because Dad is disabled from an injury at work. He is in chronic pain and often does not get up from bed. The children have to care for themselves. The family moved from out of state for Dad’s job and they have no extended family members in this area. Noa is feeling exhausted and overly responsible for siblings. She wants an adult to take control of the family and to be able to spend time with her friends from school.
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