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English22 Frankenstein

English22 Frankenstein - secret to himself 2 How does this...

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Frankenstein 1. Shelley said to have been influenced by Hoffman’s “The Sandman,” among other influences. What similarities can you see in terms of themes, characters, and plot? What are some differences? In both stories, the main characters have an unusual knowledge relating to danger. Nathaniel sees a monster that pulls out people’s eyes while Victor creates a monster, which he is actually afraid of. Both stories had a monster theme with depressing main characters. The two main characters were obsessed with monsters, scared of what they saw or create in their minds, and eventually became psychologically ill. They both wanted to avenge a love one(s), therefore they never let go of the monsters that existed in their minds. While Nathaniel actually “saw” the Sandman monster, Victor handmade his own monster – he played God. In addition, Nathaniel made a great effort in telling his friends what was going on in his head, whereas Victor kept his miserable
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Unformatted text preview: secret to himself. 2. How does this story appeal to both our intellects and our emotions? By using your intellect, we are bringing inanimate objects to life in our minds. While reading Frankenstein , readers may be anticipated or horrified in the process of trying to figure out what is occurring in the story. Readers may also gasp or want a certain situation to happen in the story, therefore demonstrating many emotions during the read process. 3. In what ways can this be considered science fiction, in which ways fantasy? This book can be considered science fiction due to the scientifical situation in creating the “monster” in Victor’s laboratory. Then, it can be a fantasy because Frankenstein is similar to what defines a monster, and there is no such thing as a real monster in reality. At least, it is not known. ....
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