Orwell homework - In the article “Torture by a Different...

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9/2/2008 Eng 100WB Writing Assignment: Politics and the English Language by George Orwell In the insert “Politics and the English Language,” by George Orwell, the author is trying to get the point through that the English language is very complicated and the future of the language is not too bright. He feels that as our environment, society, and ideals changed over the years, English language should evolve to fit the needs and understandings of the modern people. Orwell states the English language is heading towards a dark future mainly due to political and economic causes. He states that political and economic speeches and writing are done to soften the facts so that the reader could be leaded in the intended way with out even knowing what they are agreeing to. But the problem can be solved simply by stop following the writing habits of the old writers and be unique on your own. Simplifying the English and being straight to the point, allows the reader to have clear understandings of the writings.
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Unformatted text preview: In the article “Torture by a Different Name,” by Joanne Mariner, the author vaguely states that clear understanding is good but some times this political and economical language is necessary. The article is about the speech given by President Bush about the issue of torturing the terrorists by the CIA. The author feels that the President is softening the facts, and giving conflicting end of the speech to confuse the clear stand of the President, humanity vs. liberty. The author feels that this is ok because these soften facts give hopes and rising spirit to the people. Lee 1 In the article “Torture is Torture,” by Eugene Robinson, the author state that he does not see the difference between the torture of terrorist by the CIA to any other torture done by other countries. He feels that the President is hiding the truth from the people. Also that torture is wrong, what ever the cause is. Lee 2...
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Orwell homework - In the article “Torture by a Different...

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