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Autobiographical_Worksheet_2 - Autobiographical Worksheet...

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Autobiographical Worksheet This worksheet is intended to help you think about some of the significant life stages and people in your life. It will not be used in any data collection studies and it will be returned to you after it is graded. The questions with stars are required. Otherwise, you can choose which questions you want to answer. Try to choose questions that will give the reader a balanced picture of yourself. The grading rubric for this exercise is available on the class website. Your answers should be complete short answers (i.e. expressed in sentence form and grammatically expressed) or short essays. You may download this worksheet in Microsoft Word Format and insert your answers after each question. The finished paper must be typed. The total volume of your questions and answers should be a minimum of 800 words. *1. How old are you? Do not forget to include your name on your paper. *2. Where were your parents born?
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