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The Advanced Industrial Design Studio (ID125) is intended to build on your previ- ous coursework experience by emphasizing the manner in which you build, defend and communicate the rationale behind your design decisions. We will be focusing on the development of your skills and process as it applies to design in the professional product development context. Particular emphasis will be placed on the management of complex, or “wicked”, design problems. As Industrial Designers, we shape the products and environments that shape human experience. With that in mind we are going to spend the semester considering our experience with a basic human need. .. air. More specifcally, we will investigate the issues affecting the air we breathe and attempt to reshape our experience by developing products that improve our interaction with the air around us. Your goal this semester is to develop appropriate and elegant product design solutions that improve our experi- ence with the air that surrounds us. This project will be worked on for the full semester. You will have control over the content of the project IF you actively contribute ideas to the brainstorming sessions and actively engage in research with users and stakeholders (to help contribute relevant in- formation to those brainstorming sessions). The semester will be split into three distinct phases: 1) research and concept development, 2) detail design and functional technol- ogy integration, and 3) fnal design implementation, specifcation and communica - tion. Please see the project schedule to understand deliverables and expectations. The end results of this semester should demonstrate your thorough understanding of those stakeholders your product concept serves, the materials and technologies to make the product functional and feasible, the human factors and ergonomic standards that apply to your solution and your development as a aesthetically sensitive and detail oriented designer. Simply put, your fnal design concept For this class must be useFul (serving a need), usable (intuitive and easy to use), feasible (manufacturable) and desirable. The initial, brainstorm phase of the project will be structured with the goal of seeking, identiFying and describing the best opportunities and projects that ft the criteria oF the class. Each class For the frst three weeks will be spent brainstorming in both large and small groups during class time. Each brainstorm will render a list of potential proj- ects that should be documented and shared with the class. These concepts are up for grabs for anyone to develop in their sketches. The goal of this period of exploration is to insure that we have an exhaustive range of opportunities, concepts and questions For deeper research. As stated, the projects For the class will be identifed during these brainstorm sessions. Active participation guarantees control over your project choice. As your ideas coalesce you will need to identify those concepts with the highest poten-
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DSID125_Au09_Greensheet - Professor John McClusky;...

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