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Topics for Essay – Chemistry 30A Spring 2010 1) Recycling – plastics 2) Pesticides/Herbicides 3) Solar Energy 4) Alternative Liquid Fuels 5) Wind Power 6) Household Products 7) Organic Food 8) Fast Food in the United States 9) Air Quality 10) Water Quality 11) Greenhouse Gases and Global Warming 12) Food Additives 13) Diabetes 14) Drugs 15) Vitamins 16) Paper vs. Plastics 17) Cholesterol and Fats 18) DNA and crime investigation 19) Endorphins and Morphine 20) Organic Gardening 21) Nuclear Waste 22) Mass Transportation 23) Anabolic Steroids 24) Coffee or Tea 25) Vitamin C 26) Aspirin 27) Chemistry of Venus and Mars READ THESE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY AND THOROUGHLY SO THAT YOU DO NOT HAVE POINTS DEDUCTED FOR PROCEDURAL MATTERS. THESE GUIDELINES SUPERCEED THE GUIDELINES FOUND ON THE GREENSHEET. The essay will be three to five pages. Six pages is OK but do not exceed this limit. The cover page and reference page does not count as one of the pages. Read the directions on the greensheet and the directions below. Each student will choose one topic and write a three to five page paper (maximum 5 and maybe 6 pages) covering the questions asked about that particular topic. Sign up for one topic by signing your name on one of the sheets that will be provided in the lab by the second week of the semester. Keep track of the topic that you sign up for in the booklet. Each topic has a sign up sheet with a maximum of 12-23 students per topic, depending on the topic. For the paper, use size 12 font, double spaced. If you use internet sources you must cite each reference. Use the APA method for citing references. You can go on-line, look up APA citation method and see how to reference your paper. Every time that you use a quote or directly take some piece of information from an article
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or other source, it must be referenced. Cite the source and write down the original article or source on the reference page at the end of the report. A title page and a reference page do not count as one of the 3 to 5 pages. Each student will write this paper in their own words and must include all references. Use at least 5 references. Use original sources such as centers for disease control (CDC), FDA, USDA, EPA, NIH and other government sites. DO NOT use simple references such as Wikipedia and other encyclopedia sources. Points will be taken off if your use a total just one, two, three or four references and especially if one of the references is Wikipedia. Go to the library and use various sources that may not be on-line. Use journals such as JAMA, Nature, Science, etc… You may also use Scientific American. Try and find some opinions written by experts in the topic of your choice. Reference magazines, newspapers, journals etc… The title page must include: the title of the paper, your name, date, and below the date type your lab instructor’s name, your lab time and day. Do not write the lecturer’s name and lecture time and day. YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR PAPER TO
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Essays30A-S2010 - Topics for Essay Chemistry 30A Spring...

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