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Individual Report - started I’ve always thought it would...

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Business Negotiation Overview This entire negotiation project was a huge success. I was able to meet new  people and learn new things. Our group was selected to represent Netherlands. The  task was to get a partnership business proposal with Mali. This was actually really  difficult because of the lack of communication. Lucky for me, I was placed in a group of  talented individuals. The Mali group was also very talented, they knew exactly what  needed to be done and what it takes to start out partnership. One thing I enjoyed most about this assignment was being able to meet new  individual who share the same passion for business as myself. Because of this  assignment, I learned a lot of new things about international trade and how a business  should be form. Before this assignment, I was really naïve about how businesses are 
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Unformatted text preview: started. I’ve always thought it would be a lot simpler. Boy was I wrong; there are so many regulations and laws behind an operating business. Looking back, everything was quite simple. The only obstacle my group encountered was what business idea to start. Once we got that down and finally agreed on our business everything fell in to place. After a few meetings with both group, it turned out to be a really fun experience. Surprisingly, a lot of the group members were clueless before this assignment started. But only after a few meetings, I can promise we all know almost everything about our country. It was a great experience to take the time out and learn about how a business operate overseas and being able to be involved in the transition....
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Individual Report - started I’ve always thought it would...

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