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week4response - Hey Susan I enjoyed reading your response I...

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Hey Susan I enjoyed reading your response. I like how you brought up the point that Rothwell made about how tension can energize a group, challenge the members to think creatively, and bring the group together. If I witnessed all the fighting and disagreement taking place, I too would take advantage of the situation. If I could only calm thing down right away, I can get everyone to think collectively. If the group can learn to look past the tension, they will only become better as a group. Even though I have heard the phrase plenty of times before, I am reminded by the words of Kanye West, “That, that don’t kill me, will only make me stronger,” and I still feel this holds true when working in groups. On another note, I can see why the person had great intention when declaring his bad argument, but what’s important is that he spoke his mind. People should always speak their mind when working in groups because group members feed off of each others’ energy and work towards arriving at the best solutions. However, he did
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