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Note some questions here or a listed of vocab words: Chapter 3; Messick and Bazerman: What do we do when we "seek causes"? Plan A and Plan B, A will be lucrative, B will not make as much money, but will be better for us Ethnocentrism: your culture to compare all others, best culture risk trade-offs: how we make decisions: even if 10% risk, going for the 90% the link between psychology and ethics: understand how fuck up Chapter 4: How does Friedman describe an exec who engages in CSR? Corporate social responsibility What is CSR? Should the company help the greater good or just the stock holders What is Friedman's opinion of CSR? Friedman believes corporations should only be
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Unformatted text preview: concerned with maximizing profitability What restrictions on business behavior are acceptable according to Friedman? Freeman believes a corporation should balance all interests stakeholders and the community. Chapter 5: Strict liability: one is held liable whether or not they practice precaution vicarious liability: the person who did or caused the harm is not the one who is called upon to answer for it A has B’s power of attorney, he signs something, B gets fked. Feinberg on "hero" caveat emptor: buyer beware the Jesse James example:...
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