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Data Collection Sheet Dancing on Heaven’s Doorstep Name ____________________Paper Section ____________ Sheet No. _____ On your computer (or flash drive) create a document folder and give it a name combining your last name with the name of your topic (e.g. jones_exorcism). Save this document in the yourname_topic folder you have just created. Always keep a clean version of this document; when you wish to use it, copy the file, and give the copy a new name indicating its intended contents. (For example, open the original document, and use File > Save As, providing the new filename.) For the Dancing on Heaven’s Doorstep research paper, make a copy of this file, and name it yourname_data. Open yourname_data, and make five copies of the
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Unformatted text preview: following table in one document by copying and pasting. As you find information for your paper, fill in this sheet. Print a few copies of this form to take with you to the library, if you will be working with books and articles there. Circle the reference type. Fill in all the other information that applies. Reference Type Book, Book Section, Journal Article, Newspaper Article, Website, Other Author(s) Title Year Editor(s) Volume Pages Journal Title Journal Volume Website Name URL Publisher Place of Publication Year of Publication Page Numbers of Chapter or Article Insert direct quotes here with page number. Insert your ideas here....
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