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Key Concepts: Define OD/key elements: behavioral science principles and practices; individual and org effectiveness; long term Focus of OD? Total system change Orientation: action Target: human and social processes (human side of organizations) Setting: real organization Organization Culture? SWOT? Strengths, weakness, opportunieis, threats? Alignment? Distinguishing characteristics of OD? Culture/processes, collaboration, teams, human and social side of org. in relation to technology and structure, involvement and participation in problem-solving and D-M, total system change, facilitators/collaborators/co-learners, teaching skills for continuous self-improvement, action research, development Consulting Models: 1) Purchase an Expert 2) Doctor-Patient Model: like physician, diagnose problem and makes recommendations for treatment 3) Process Consultation Model: Work with client to diagnose strengths and weaknesses and to develop action plans; helps client generate valid data and helps them make sense of it. For your projects, you will work with the client to diagnose the organization based on interviews,
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Key_Concepts_FxB_1_5 - Key Concepts: Define OD/key...

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