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N128 Non Experimental Design POST-TEST Name: _________ Choose from among the following words to complete the post-test. Words may be used more than once. Comparative Exploratory Prospective Retrospective Correlational Ex post facto Relationship-Difference Survey Cross-sectional Longitudinal Descriptive Variables 1. In comparative surveys, the researcher does not manipulate the ______ but assesses data in order to provide data for future nursing studies. 2. ________ is the broadest category of non experimental design. 3. The category from item #2 can be further classified as __________, __________, and ___________. 4. The second major category of non experimental design according to LoBiondo-Wood and Haber includes ___________________ studies. 5. The researcher is using ________________ design when examining the
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Unformatted text preview: relationship between two or more variables. 6. _____________ design is similar to ____________ in that both link present events to those which occurred in the past. 7. Lo-Biondo-Wood and Haber discuss three types of developmental studies. They are: a. ___________________ b. ___________________ c. ___________________ 8. __________________ studies collect data at one point in time while ________________ collects data from the same group at different points in time. 9. A(n) _____________________ study looks at presumed causes and moves forward in time to presumed effects. 10. The epidemiological researcher uses a _________ design if they are trying to link present events to those which occurred in the past....
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