3_radio_news - See examples, on back.

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Radio Newscast __________(10)________Actuality(+5) Name_______________ You are to produce a two-minute newscast. Make it sound like a legitimate newscast that might run on 90.5 KSJS. Your newscast should include at least 3 stories, sports, and weather & traffic. Use the appropriate beds for each portion of your newscast. Beds are found in the News Beds folder, located in the Radio Newscast folder in the Assignments folder. You must gather, write, announce and produce the news for your newscast. In addition, you must find a ‘sounder’, record it into your session and use it as a sounder for your newscast. An additional 5 points extra credit will be awarded for the correct use of an actuality in your newscast. You must also turn in copy from your stories written in a radio news format, including headers, copy, transcriptions and running times of actualities (if any).
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Unformatted text preview: See examples, on back. __________________________________________________________________ Written: Copy in news format. Appropriate story selection for KSJS, Informative, copy content, story sequence. (4pts) Produced: News delivery. Story transitions. Edits, Project properly filed, basic session set up, sounder, bed mix, proper total run time. (6pts) Abrams Disney Phone 21:30, 04/06/06 Disney is announcing a phone service designed for 10 to 15 year olds and their parents. Disney Internet Group President Steve Wadsworth explains: THIS IS ABOUT BUILDING A NEW BUSINESS AROUND A BEST IN CLASS MOBILE PHONE SERVICE BUILT FOR FAMILIES. :05 The features are mostly about letting parents monitor and control how their offspring use the devise. This service is the latest example of a company selling customized phone service under its brand....
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3_radio_news - See examples, on back.

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