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English 1B Liberties over Securities

English 1B Liberties over Securities - Prof Sirkin English...

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Prof. Sirkin English 1B 10 October, 2006 Liberties over Security No one argues that security is not important. It is every important for the happiness and well being to our nation. The importance of security is not what should be questioned, but the actions that are being done to achieve that security are what need to be criticized. Many times the actions that are taken in response to security deny us the civil liberties that are promised to us as citizens of this great nation. One of the arguments that Richard A. Posner makes in his article, “Security versus Liberties,” is that the bigger the threat the nation the more we have to emphasis on securities even at the cost of liberty. The only problem with that argument is that we should increase security but at the cost of whose liberty? We are all willing to increase security unless it means that our privacy and liberties are at stake. It is then that we second guess whether we want to lose our liberties, even though we should not be second guessing something so important. We often don’t look at the effects that our decisions have on the people who are affected by them. Surely we feel bad for those whose liberties are sacrificed, but we quickly forget and move on with our lives. Those whose liberties are taken, on the other hand, don’t forget and are forced to live with that tragedy their whole lives. Take Eric Foner’s example from his article, “The Most Patriot
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