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John Dewey our selection is from the book Art as Experience 1934 "John Dewey (1859-1952) is known mostly as a philosopher of education. But his relevance to modern cognitive psychology is often underestimated. Dewey's philosophy of education, instrumentalism (also called pragmatism), focused on learning-by-doing rather than rote learning and dogmatic instruction, the current practice of his day. He rejected authoritarian teaching methods, regarding education in a democracy as a tool to enable the citizen to integrate his or her culture and vocation usefully. To accomplish those aims, both pedagogical methods and curricula needed radical reform. Dewey's philosophy, called instrumentalism and related to pragmatism, holds that truth is an instrument used by human beings to solve their problems, and that it must change as their problems change. Thus it partakes of no transcendental or eternal reality. Dewey's view of democracy as a primary ethical value permeated his educational theories." His books include "Art as Experience (1934), Democracy and Education (1916), Ethics (1932), Experience and Nature (1929), Liberalism and Social Action (1935), Logic: The Theory of Inquiry (1938), Philosophy and Civilization (1931), The Public and Its Problems (1927), The Quest for Certainty (1929), Reconstruction in Philosophy (1948)." For a good account of his aesthetics see Richard Shusterman at books/hopkins_guide_to_literary_theory/john_dewey.html in John Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Knowledge For a more elaborate account of his aesthetics see my own article on John Dewey’s Aesthetics in the online Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. See also the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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Dewey_Art_as_Experience - John Dewey our selection is from...

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