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Web Part3 Videos 11-16 - “enculturation process” in the...

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Part 3 Videos, p.1, Revised 9/8/2010 THE IMPACT OF COMMERCIALIZED SEX PRODUCTS ON HOW AND WHAT WE LEARN ABOUT SEXUALITY VIDEO: Dreamworlds III What "stories" are told in popular videos about female sexuality male sexuality sexuality generally? What is the relationship between the stories told in popular videos and rape, according to the film? What is the impact on other forms of sexual coercion? What is the impact of these stories on safe sex practices? What other points does the film make? What does it mean to say that it “naturalizes” or “normalizes’ rape?
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Part 3 Videos, p.2, Revised 9/8/2010 To what extent & in what ways do the “stories” told in these videos reinforce old rape myths? What role do music videos play in the sexual
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Unformatted text preview: “enculturation process” in the U.S. [how children ‘learn about’ sex?] Part 3 Videos, p.3, Revised 9/8/2010 VIDEO: Tough Guise, Part 1 • What are the images of "masculinity" in American films? • How have these images have changed over time? Especially in recent times? And why have they changed, according to the narrator • How have these images impacted the behavior of American males? • How does the video’s title reflect its key themes? • How does gender tend to get “erased” in reports of [male] violence? Does that still occur today? What old cultural assumptions [“cultural baggage”] about males and violence may be still at work in such “erasures.”...
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Web Part3 Videos 11-16 - “enculturation process” in the...

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