Crito - Crito outline Feb 8 2010 Tom Leddy San Jose State...

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Crito outline Feb. 8 2010 Tom Leddy, San Jose State University based on F. J. Church translation 1963. 1. Socrates is soundly asleep while Crito has been sleepless: Crito thinks S has a happy temperament to calmly face this calamity, but S thinks it absurd to be disturbed by having to die at his age. Crito tells that the ship from Delos has been sighted and will arrive tomorrow. Socrates suggests a dream he had in which a beautiful woman says that on the third day he will see Phythia means that he will enter Hades, home of the dead.) 2. Crito: Save yourself, for otherwise I’ll lose a friend and many will think that could have saved you through spending money: my reputation will be disgraced. 3. Socrates: Why should we care about public opinion, rather than the opinion of reasonable men? 4. Crito: But your situation proves that the many can do a person the greatest harm if falsely accused. 5. S: The many can do neither the greatest harm nor the greatest good, for they can make a man neither foolish nor wise. 6. C: Don’t worry about your friends and their possible punishment: we are bound to run such risks…we can pay men to bring you to safety and can pay those who might be informers. You could be brought to Thessaly. 7. It would be unjust for you to play into your enemies’ hand. It would also be unjust to abandon your children. 7.1. You ought not to bring children into the world unless you can educate them. 7.2. You are choosing the easy way, not that of a good and brave man: and you speak of excellence! 7.3. Men will think your situation is due to the cowardice of your friends. 7.4. These things could be not only evil but dishonorable to you and us. 7.5. Now is that time. 8. S: We must reflect on whether we should do what you say: I will still only accept the truest argument. [He must mean the best argument.] 8.1. I will not set aside former arguments because of current misfortune. 8.2. I will not be scared by the many with new terrors.
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Crito - Crito outline Feb 8 2010 Tom Leddy San Jose State...

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