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3-11-09 Rabbit_Proof_Fence - race at the time.-What do you...

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Video Guide: Rabbit Proof Fence Terms Jigalong Station Moore River Settlement Mr. Neville (“Mr. Devil”) – The one in charge of everything in the movie. Questions -What was the Rabbit Proof Fence designed to accomplish? The point of the rabbit proof fence was to keep aboriginals out and away from the whites. Similar to the border of the US and mexico. -Why were the girls taken from their mothers at Jigalong and sent to Moore River? (What was the policy in effect at that time? What general attitudes towards the Aborigines did that policy represent?) They were taken in order to become whitenized. The policy was to try and save the aborigines from their “cursed selfs.” In other words they saw that over time, someone descended from aboringals would eventually become white. They were treated as a third
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Unformatted text preview: race at the time.-What do you think country means in this film? I think that country means station in this sense. They asked what country they from and they answered the name of their station-How did the nuns/sisters control the girls at Moore River? They kinda treated them like animals. And they instilled their Christian/catholic values on them. They whipped them too. -Why did the tracker, an Aboriginal man, fail to catch the girls? The girls were smart about covering their tracks along with leaving fake ones. Total solid snake status-What weapons of the weak did you see the girls and other Aborigines exercise in the film? Covering their tracks...
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