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ANTH/BIO/HS 140 – HUMAN SEXUALITY EXTRA CREDIT Feature Films (1-1 ½ page response) – 3 points each, 6 points maximum Rent or see any of the following videos (all should be available at a good local video store or on Netflix) and write your response to the film in 1-2 pages. Please do not summarize the film, just tell me how you see this film as relevant to the issues we have been discussing… Virginity Study of Sex Quinceañara Kinsey The 40-Year Old Virgin Sex for Pleasure… The Double Standard/Female Sexuality Little Children The Contender Eat, Drink, Man, Woman (Japanese) Osama – about the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Because I Said So NOT about Osama Bin Laden Sex and the City (TV series or movie) Y Tu Mamá Tambien (Mexico) Moulaade (Senegal) Splendor in the Grass ( Classic) Pregnancy/Abortion Vera Drake
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