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Advocacy Speech Think back to the organization, movement or cause that you would like to advocate for. Select a current, controversial and significant issue concerning the organization, movement or cause. It is critical that people do not agree with the issue. Your speech must justify why we need to address this issue now. Your goal is to, at a minimum, change the opinions of the audience, but strive to get the audience to take action. During your research, prepare to respond to potential counter‐arguments. You must use a minimum of three (3) research sources (documented on “Works Cited” sheet and orally in speech). Your speech should be at least three (3) and no more than five (5) minutes long. The speech grade will be broken down as such: Introduction (15 points): Begins with an attention getter that makes me want to listen States purpose and/or thesis Previews main points Organization (20 points): Connects main points to each other Demonstrates clear relationship between the elements of the speech Uses “signposts” Conclusion (15 points): Summarizes main points Provides a sense of closure Ends with a strong and memorable sentence that helps me remember the speech Delivery (20 points): Delivered extemporaneously using no more than four (4) 4x6 single‐sided note cards Maintains eye contact with majority of audience
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advocacy speech requirements - AdvocacySpeech ,...

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