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OUTLINE CHECKLIST As required by the university, you are to learn full-sentence outlining. Don’t let an incomplete outline hurt your speech grade. Topic Significant, challenging Timely and timeless Sufficiently narrowed Lends itself to reasoned argument (Persuasive speeches) Purpose Specific Purpose identified Thesis Single declarative sentence Reflects all points of the speech Main Points Phrased as single declarative sentences (not posed as questions) All directly related to thesis sentence Arranged in logical order Appropriate number Mutually exclusive Equal in subpoints and importance Phrased in parallel language, and not overly wordy Transitions written out Outline Format Typed Spelling and punctuation correct
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Unformatted text preview: All evidence cited in APA Indentation reflects relationships Consistent and correct use of symbols Two or more points at each level of subordination No more than one sentence per symbol Label 3 parts of introduction Label 3 parts of conclusion Label 4 types of support material (evidence) Label 3 attention factors (informative speech) Label 2 types of credibility (persuasive speeches) Label 4 types of reasoning (persuasive speeches) Label 1 type of reasoning (persuasive speeches) Label motivational appeals (1 need/Maslow’s, 1 cultural value) Cite ALL evidence throughout outline Reference Page, Minimum of 4 published resources...
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Comm._20_OUTLINE_CHECKLIST - All evidence cited in APA...

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