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Dr. E.’s hit list: NEVER quote. Do not include the reference when submitting to turnitin. Use only empirical articles with methods and results sections. Do not use review articles. NEVER quote. Avoid unnecessary language: “…performed a study…” “The authors found…” READ the APA manual – you should know how to write a reference by now!!! Tab (0.5”) the first line in a paragraph – do not use the space bar. Include the word count of the text under your name, class time and AS number. Include the actual first page of the article, not a PsycInfo printout. NEVER quote. Proofread your paper, read your paper aloud, and have another student read the paper
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Unformatted text preview: before you hand it in. Do not use the thesaurus. Avoid abbreviations unless they will be used throughout the paper. NEVER quote. Dr. E’s abbreviations: MMP = missed major point of article MNS = Makes no sense – read the sentence aloud and revise. pt = use past tense ll = use parallel verb construction = = define terms R/O = run on sentence – only one conjunction in a sentence AV = use active voice cs = eliminate the comma splice sig = were there statistically significant differences? awk = awkward – rewrite sentence...
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