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PAPER ASSIGNMENT #1 SELF, SOCIETY, AND MEDIA CRITIQUE Worth 50 points Overview The media play a significant role in shaping peoples’ sense of self. They do so by presenting certain types of people in certain types of situations, but not other types of people in other types of situations. Media show us over and over again what kind of person we are supposed to be based on our gender, race, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and physical ability. And because they show us the kind of self we are supposed to be in relation to these categories, they also provide us with a basis for assessing how well we fit into the “perspectives of the generalized other” (Wood text). Purpose The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the role that the media plays, both positively and negatively, in the creation of the self. As a result of completing this assignment, you should be more mindful and critical of how media shapes our views of ourselves and our social worlds. Content The first step in completing this assignment is to review three current issues of popular magazines. Select magazines that appeal to you and your interests as well, as magazines that are aimed at people who are different from you. Examine both the articles and
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Comm._10_Selfx_Societyx_Media_directional_sheet - PAPER...

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