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project instructions VAP Fall 09 - Virtually Abroad Program...

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Virtually Abroad Program Team Project Instructions for participants October-December 2009 Welcome to the Virtually Abroad Program Team Project (VAPTP) The goal of this project is to give you an opportunity to experience working in multi-cultural teams on a joint project with students from another country. This is an online environment that allows cross-cultural teams to cooperate on joint projects and monitor their interaction patterns. In the current project, you will have the opportunity to work in teams with students studying in Spain and USA. Learning Objectives: -Experience collaboration with others in a virtual setting. -To obtain international exposure by work with people from different countries. -Learning about different cultures by: -social and academic interactions with students from another country -studying culture characteristics of a country that none of the students have ever been exposed to before forming teams The information below, describes (1) The project assignments and grading. (2) Communication means in the project. (3) Time table and time differences. We suggest that you read everything carefully before the project starts. All this information, appear also in the project site. Project coordinator for USA: Sharon Glazer: Project coordinator for Spain: Carolina Moliner: A. Teams The team number you will be assigned to and your team members’ names and email addresses will be sent to you prior to the project by your course instructor. B. Project assignment The project assignment is divided into three parts: 1. Getting to know each other. 2. Team project - preparing a PowerPoint training guide on a specific Organizational Psychology-related topic for an expatriate, who is going to do business in a foreign host country. 3. Presentation of key points on scheduled dates 1. Getting to Know Each Other – first week The first week of the project should be devoted to achieving two objectives:
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1. Coordinate first chat and schedule meeting times that are convenient to all team members to work on the project (take into account time differences and different holiday dates - see time table in the site). 2. Get to know your team members: During the first chat you should: Interview each other - get to know your team members, their personal background, values beliefs, behavioral norms, and behavioral patterns. Please share with your team members what is important for you to know, in order to improve communication, work effectively, and learn the most out of the experience in the project. Send your personal photo or recognize each other in the class photos. Respond together to the 2 scenarios below, compare your answers with that of your teammates and try to understand together why certain team members responded to it in a certain way. Identify the similarities and differences. At the end of the chat, discuss what country you would like to work on for your team project.
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project instructions VAP Fall 09 - Virtually Abroad Program...

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