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Project/Thesis Workshop Project/ Thesis Workshop 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM 3/13/06 IRC 308 Phyllis M. Connolly, Graduate Coordinator Objectives: At that end of the workshop participants will be able to: 1. Describe the role of First and Second Advisors 2. Explain the student outcome for the graduate program 3. Identify the final product, manuscript, which is submitted to a journal 4. Recognize the expected time-line for the NURS 297 Project 5. Discuss the process for IRB-HS submission 6. Volunteer to serve as Project Advisors. Helpful Web sites: Graduate website : Graduate Newsletter, Program Information, Frequently Asked Questions all available on-line at: Human Participation Protections Education for Research Teams online course, print out Completion Certificate include with the student’s application for IRB IRB website: Trish Ryan, Special Programs Coordinator HS/IRB Coordinator, 924-2483, 924-2477 fax Email: Graduate forms: Graduate Studies: Webcasted Session March 13, 2006 ATN is hosting the links for this session. They are available on the Webcasting Archive page under "Special Sessions". Here is the link to that page. Scroll down the page until you see Project Advisor’s Workshop, March 13, 2006, and just click on that.
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Project/Thesis Workshop Project/ Thesis Workshop Phyllis M. Connolly, Graduate Coordinator Frequently Asked Questions What is the time commitment for the First Advisor? ANSWER: Students have two semesters of NURS 297 to complete their research. Generally they are able to complete their work within the 2 semesters. There is more intense work getting the student ready for the IRB, Application submission which should take place by the end of the first semester. You can plan to have more review and editing work by April if the student plans to present for Orals in May. If you are working with a student who is graduating in December then November is going to be more intensive. What is the time commitment for the Second Advisor? ANSWER: Generally, the Second Advisor will see the proposal prior to data collection then once the First Advisor is satisfied with the quality of the manuscript and it is near completion, the Second Advisor receives the manuscript for review. Generally the time and work effort is far less for the Second Advisor; although the turn around
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Project_Thesis_WorkshopS06x1x - Project/Thesis Workshop...

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