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Reading_Guide_Spiritx_s 10(7)

Reading_Guide_Spiritx_s 10(7) - How did the Merced doctors...

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Anthropology 146 – Culture & Conflict, F 2010 Reading & Study Guide: The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down Context & History Describe briefly the history and migrations of the Hmong people. What was their relationship with the Chinese? With the French? With the Americans? Why did they come to the United States? Mode of Production What was the Hmong mode of production? How has this mode of production changed in the context of the United States? Kinship/Social Organization What are some of the basic principles underlying Hmong concepts of family? How have these principles affected their migration and settlement patterns in the United States? How have they affected their interactions with Western medicine? Concepts of the Body, Illness, and Health Describe Hmong concepts of the self and its body. What did the Hmong believe had happened to Lia? Describe their attitudes towards this condition.
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Unformatted text preview: How did the Merced doctors interpret her condition? How has this condition been interpreted in other eras of Western history? How did the Lee family feel about Western bio-medicine (several examples, such as blood sampling, or surgery)? Describe the differences in duties and obligations between a txiv neeb and a doctor. How did the Merced medical community view the Hmong? How have some Western medical practitioners adapted to Hmong belief systems? Language & Communication Describe the problems of communication between Hmong and Americans. What are the implications of this in a hospital setting? How did these problems of communication affect Lia and her treatment? Religion Describe Hmong beliefs, especially regarding spirits and souls. How does this intersect with their attitudes towards illness and health? What is a soul-calling ritual? How does it work?...
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