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C L~"(n / t:t I ts- / CJV. M6l\11J kt1 . L n f V Indian caste system "" \ "C. . ~ Iri': F vt-s IA- origin: tripartite in the Dravidian era (2500 BC): Brahrni~,- /6 Il~ Kshyatriya, Vaishya (Georges Dumezil) corresponding to division of Indo - European Gods (Brahrna, Vishnu, Siva) Paz, P.57 Based on occupational distinction: Mainly religious do with origin from Universal Brahrnana: Mouth, shoulder and stomach' Sanskrit word, Varna, color, category, state, social condition, position in a hierarchical order 4 th Aryan (1500- 2000BC) categories, Sudras originating feet Brahrnana Caste, Jati, means species, kind being or \\ humankind II Caste distinction is based notion purity pollution, Heinz pp. 150 - 151 Characteristics: 1. Kinship group, birth marriage It hereditary, given by 2. Endogamous, within maintain Hypergamolls hypogamous leading dowry 3. Occupational group territory, hence, language, culture, politics economics p. 59. 4. Guided rules regulation e.g., food, clothing, customs traditions, Heinz, 157 - 158 Class, 57, 59 5. Hierarchical nature, karma that determined, one's birth. One's can change next life. 62, p. 66 (Paz) 6. Jajmani
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Indian_Caste_System_9_15_Lecture - Indian caste system...

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