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FAQs re: Final Paper – SCWK 130 - DIWAN 1. What should be included in these papers? Papers should cover the following topics: ABSTRACT – This gives the reader a roadmap of what’s coming. It helps to orient the reader and helps you ensure that you have covered all areas of the assignment. 1) Description of the particular problem or issue i.e.- the nature of the problem – define and describe the issue, e.g., are there various ways in which child abuse, sexual abuse, or poverty or chronic illness has been defined? For others, who are refugees, why are they refugees, describe the process that refugees might go through. The extent of the problem : statistical information – how many, who is most likely to be affected, who is most likely to do this (e.g., in the case of abuse). Make a case for why we should care about this issue! 2) Risk and protective factors that increase or decrease the likelihood of the occurrence of the problem. Here Risk and Protective factors can work to decrease the occurrence of the problem – e.g. what prevents child abuse from happening; BUT ALSO, what are those factors that put kids at greater or reduced risk from developing persistent problems that occur as a consequence of the abuse, or because of poverty, homelessness, or what ever your topic is. Begins to give us some idea of the empirical work that is done in these areas.
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FAQs_x_Grading_Criteria_for_Paper - FAQs re: Final Paper...

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