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English 71 Moody Spring 2010 Presentation Guidelines Your presentation is an opportunity to present a favorite poem. The paper you hand me will be 2 full pages, double-spaced and 12 pt. font. One paragraph will be a brief bio of the poet. The rest of the paper will be an analysis of the poem. This is not what critics have said, but what you see in the poem. You might compare two poems of the poet. What are you looking for in your analysis? 1) Structure- how is the poem organized on the page? How does the structure support the content? 2) What figurative language do you see in the poem, ie. metaphors, similies, allusions? 3) Rhythm and Meter- What rhythm is apparent in the poem? Does it conform to a traditional form such as sonnet or ballad?
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Unformatted text preview: 4) Sounds-How does the poem sound? How does the sound reinforce the meaning? 5) What is this poem about? Why did it appeal to you? What lines particularly resonate with you? Does it remind you of anyone in Fooling with Words ? What aspect of this poet’s work would you like to emulate? 6) Write a poem that imitates this poem or one that deals with the same content. This is information you will present to the class, as well as a brief bio. You might find a video of the poet or audio to share. Check poets.org. for such media. You need to provide a one-page handout, perhaps with a photo and the students need to have the poem. Alternatively, you might do a power point or use overheads. Any questions, ask me....
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