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We Remember Pope John Paul Second 1998

We Remember Pope John Paul Second 1998 - Jewish-Christian...

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Jewish - Christian Relations :: \Ve remember: /1•. . Reflection on the Shoah Page 1 of7 Statements> Roman Cathoi i c > · i 028 Letter from the Pope To My Venerable Brother Cardinal Edward tdrts Cassidy On numerous occasions during my Pontificate I have recalled with a sense of deep sorrow the sufferings of the Jewish people during the Second VVorld \}\Jar. The crime which has become known as the Shoah remains an indelible stain on the history of the century that is coming to a close. As we prepare for the beginning of the Third Millennium of Christianity, the Church is aware that the joy of a Jubilee is above all the joy that is based on the forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God and neighbor. Therefore she encourages her sons and daughters to purify their hearts, through repentance of past errors and infidelities. She calls them to place themselves humbly before the Lord and examine themselves on the responsibility which they too have for the evils of our time. It is my fervent hope that the document We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah, which the Commission for Religious Relations with the Jews has prepared under your direction, will indeed help to heal the wounds of past misunderstandings and injustices. May it enable memory to play its necessary part in the process of shaping a future in which the unspeakable iniquity of the Shoah will never again be possible. May the Lord of history guide the efforts of Catholics and Jews and all men and women of good will as they work together for a world of true respect for the life and dignity of every human being, for all have been created in the image and likeness of God. From the Vatican 12 March 1998 Pope John Paul II COMMISSION FOR RELIGIOUS RELATIONS WITH THE JEWS Vatican City, March 16, 1998 \AIC RCI\IICIUIDCD. A DCI:'I CI"TIf'\t. . 1f'\t. . 1TUC ~Uf'\A U V.L .. 'L .. IWIL .. IWIUL .. I'.I"\ I'L .. l ••• L .. ' " II' - 'I~ ' - 'I~ IIIL .. " ' 11' - '1"\11 l, The Tragedy of the Shoah and the Duty of Remembrance The twentieth century is fast coming to a close and a new Millennium of the Christian era is about to dawn . The 2000th anniversarf of the Birth of Jesus Christ calls all Christians, and indeed invites all men hrtpv/www.jcrelations.net/ en/?id= 1028&format=print 5/5/2004
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Jewish - Christian Relations i: \Ve remember: l~). Reflection on the Shoah Page 2 of7 and women, to seek to discern in the passage of history the signs of divine Providence at work, as well as the v , Jaysin which the image of the Creator in man has been offended and disfigured. This reflection concerns one of the main areas in which Catholics can seriously take to heart the summons which Pope John Paul II has addressed to them in his Apostolic Letter Tertia ~1jJ1ennioAdveniente: "It i~ appropriate that, as the Second Millennium of Christianity draws to a close, the Church should become more fully conscious of the sinfulness of her children, recalling all those times in history' when the) departed from the spirit of Christ and his Gospel and , instead of offering to the world the witness of a lifE
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We Remember Pope John Paul Second 1998 - Jewish-Christian...

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