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Problem 3, 130C - E coli and that spontaneous deamination...

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Problem 3 a) Explain why the overall error rate for DNA replication in E. coli is approximately one in 10 9 , although the rate of misincorporation by the replisome is about one in 10 5 . b) Explain the importance of utilizing the methylated version of U (T) in DNA in spite of the fact that the base pairing properties of the two nucleotides are identical. Include in your discussion the presence of the gene products dUTPase and uracil N-glycosylase in
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Unformatted text preview: E. coli , and that spontaneous deamination of bases occurs at a low rate in aqueous solutions. c) Vertebrate and plant cells often methylate cytosines present in DNA at the 5 position. In these same cells, a specialized repair system recognizes GT mismatches and changes them to GC base pairs. In what way is this repair system advantageous to the cell?...
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