Affirmative and Negative Strategies

Affirmative and Negative Strategies - Developing...

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Unformatted text preview: Developing Affirmative and Negative Cases and Affirmative Case Rules Affirmative Case must be topical (support proposition) Case must be significant Must define terms/establish ground Policy Policy Should articulate criteria Should Should show that a significant problem exists Should Should show an inherent barrier to solving the Should problem problem Must provide a plan that solves the problem Plan must be advantageous Negative Case Strategies Negative Argue that the affirmative’s case in not Argue topical topical Argue the affirmative’s definitions Argue the affirmative’s Contention Develop an off case story Negative Strategies for Policy Propositions Propositions Argue that the affirmative’s plan is insignificant Minimize the harms offered by the affirmative Argue the affirmative’s inherency Argue that the affirmative’s plan will not work Argue and will have disadvantages and Provide a counter plan Argue the affirmative’s criteria/goal ...
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