Lecture Slides March 8

Lecture Slides March 8 - Media Effects on Public Opinion...

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1 Media Effects on Public Opinion POLS107 March 8, 2010 Professor Jackson SURVEY PROJECT SIGN-UP! Dates: Mon 3/15 – Wed 3/24 (4:30-8:30pm), including Sat 3/20 (10am-6pm) Sign up for ONE four-hour shift On Sat. 3/20, sign up for any four-hour block between 10-6 Please note if you are a Spanish speaker! Talk to Prof. Jackson ASAP if you are unable to sign up for one of these time slots The Media and Public Opinion: Where do people get their news? 37 23 -- Online news (3+ days/wk) 39 -- -- Cable TV news 34 47 58 Newspapers 29 30 60 Nightly network news 52% 56% 77% Local TV news 2008 2000 1993 Pew Research Center 2008
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News Source and Political Information 18 17 18 Nonreader 32 29 36 Occasional reader 76% 49% 44% Regular reader Nonviewer Occasional viewer Regular viewer TV News Viewing Newspaper Reading Percentage with high information about candidate positions, NES 2004 Consolidation of Media Ownership One Example: Time Warner Revenue $36.2 Billion TELEVISION Networks : WB, HBO and Cinemax, Comedy Central, Court TV, E! and Style, TBS, TNT, Cartoon Network, Turner Classic Movies, CNN, Headline News, etc. Cable : 2 nd largest provider, 12.8 Million customers Production : Warner Bros., Castle Rock, TiVo, library of 6500 movies, 32,000 TV shows MAGAZINES 64+ titles, including Time, Life, People, MAD Magazine, DC Comics MOVIES Warner Bros., New Line, Fine Line Features, library of MGM, RKO, etc., Warner Home Video MUSIC 40+ labels, including Warner Bros., Atlantic, Elektra, Rhino INTERNET America Online, CompuServe, Netscape, AOL Instant Messenger, MusicNet, moviefone, mapquest… SPORTS Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Hawks,
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Lecture Slides March 8 - Media Effects on Public Opinion...

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