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MIdterm2 Fall08 B - F342 o;s mn d0O c50 tr9r c4a tr90r...

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d0O tr90r c80: .70= c60: c50: tr40r r30: tr20r c10r tr9r cgr tr7- tr6r tr5r c4a tr3r .2) c1r tr01 PART 1 =6 @J =; IS._ UO [email protected] I o F3- 42 ;s mn Eg .:I i3 o q t -n rn fn - I d e I rn o : a I 31 trAr trBr 32 trAr cBr 33 .Ar trBr 34 trAr cBr 35 trAr trBl 36 trA: trBr 37 trAr trBr 38 trAr tr8tr 39 trAr trBr 40 .Ar trBr 41 trAr trBr - 42 trAr trBl - 43 trAr cBl - 44 .A- trBl - 45 trAr cBl - 46 trAr trBr - 47 cA. trBr - 48 c4= trBr - 49 -A: trBr f [email protected] c{: trBa (r) (F) KEY co/ot c21 tr3r trsr 1 .A- :B- 'Cr-1: E- 2 .A= G trCr trDr trEr 3 rF cBr trCr trDr trEr 4.A- cfl: $ trDr cEr 5 * trB: trC: trDr trEl 6.A. trBr cCr aD trEr 74i{Eis*..g. trCr ED: trEr 8 * .Br trCr trDr trEr 9 * trBr trCr trDr cEr 10 .At 6},' .C. trD: . Er 11 nF cBt cCr rDr trE: 12 .A. trBr cC: #u- rE: 13 trAr .8. ;p.D. trEl 14 .A. rg: - EDr cEl 15 cA. @ cC: trDr trEr 16 trAr cg: i}r cp: trEr 17 cA= cBr trCr rF cE: rL&*.n B:t cQ: trDr cEr 19 cAt Q trCr trDr trEr 20 qpp.B, r:Q: trDr trEl 21 trAr EBr itrDr .Er 22 l*t.8. trCr trDr trEr 23{flrEtrBr trCr trDr trEr 24 cA- trBrafltb trDr trEl 25 # trBr .Cr trDr trEr 26$t .8. trCr EDr trEr 27 14: frft cQ: cDr trE: 28 trAr cg:.qeF !Dr trEr 29 * rB: cQr rDr trEr 30 trAr trB: P: trEr trCr .Dr trE: trCr trDr trEr trCr cDr EEr trCr EDr trEr rCr trDr trEr trCr trDr trEr trCr cDr trEr trCr trDr trEr cCr trDr trEr trCr trDr trEr = trCr trDr rEr trCr trDr trEr trCr trDr cEtr trCr trDr trEr trC: trDr trEr trCr trDr trEl trCr trDr cEl trCr trDr trEr trCr trDr trEr trCr trDr tr Er . Only S.omoo Geouine Fom rc lirlly compdble witlr the Sqmn Tet Soring ^ -w-/zz-o6/6x7777. r d I - (,,) h o e : m ' c,) >-l !3 3r sm af\ iia f,o Fm 5n o(J =z Jr a- ^z dm 3
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Version B_ Name (please print) : Business 172a Fall2008 Midterm Examination 2 ?. Professor Reza :ihj JoSo State University Instructions and notes: I. Please put your name on BOTH the scantron and this exam. If your name is missing from either, you will receive ZERO on the exam - no exception and no changes afterwards. II. This is a closed-book, closed-notes exam. Do not consult others. You may use a calculator. III. There is one correct answer to each problem. Multiple answers receive zero point. IV. Unless specified otherwise, approximations should be rounded to 2 digits after the decimal. V. Unless specified otherwise, assume that a. investors maximize their net worth (i.e., they are "rational") and firms maximize their common shareholders' net worth. b. unless specified otherwise, all markets are efficient. c. firms are tpical of the industry in which they operate. 1. The major goal of company analysis is a. To determine how well its industry is doing b. To determine the quality of its management and how well it invests its funds 6 to determine the quantity and quality of its future earnings n. All of the above e. Both (b) and (c) 2. Regarding the historical relationship between the economy and the stock market, a. The stock market lags the economic turning points by an average of about 5-6 months (6) fne stock market leads the economic turning points by an average of about 5-5 months v^.
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