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Diamond Slides B&W - be separated • Alluvial mining...

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How It’s Made Diamonds are made completely out of crystallized carbon atoms They are made in the upper mantle of the earth by being heated and cooled over and over The immense pressure is caused by the 2200º F needed to produce a diamond The diamonds are created 90 miles below the earths surface and are brought up through volcanic pipes
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Mining Diamonds 2 Types - Pipe mining and Alluvial mining Pipe mining is when miners go deep next to volcanic pipes and take out large rocks containing many diamonds These rocks are then taken to a screening plant to
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Unformatted text preview: be separated • Alluvial mining is done on beaches and river beds • The water is held back and the miners dig down to the level of earth where diamonds are found, this sand is also brought to a screening plant Artificial Diamonds • Made in factories using over 3000º F and 1 million lbs. of pressure per square inch • They use graphite, which is the crystalline form of carbon • The end resulting diamonds are mostly used in machine and cutting tools and thermal conductors...
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Diamond Slides B&W - be separated • Alluvial mining...

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