SJSU Hist 189A Spring 2010 Mission Public History assignment

SJSU Hist 189A Spring 2010 Mission Public History...

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SJSU 189A Professor Margo McBane MISSION PUBLIC HISTORY ASSIGNMENT Investigate how the history of California Indians and the Spanish as told by one of the following missions: Carmel Mission, Santa Clara Mission, Mission San Jose, The Dolores Mission (in San Francisco), Soledad Mission, San Juan Bautista Mission, Mission Santa Cruz California State Park. Answer the following research and evaluation questions. ANSWER THE QUESTIONS COMPLETELY! You may use bullet format or number each question and answer. You do not need to use paragraph format. Cite sources from readings (use Chicago/Turbian style footnotes or MLA, APA citations). Collect any free handouts and include them in what you hand in along with your report. This assignment should be approximately 3 pages. You must FIRST HAND IT IN TO BY 2/16/2010 3 PM. will not accept late papers. You must ALSO hand in a hard copy with your admission ticket, stamped paper or brochure with your paper to receive credit. . Research Questions
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