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rr10 - black people cannot be seen as equals while they are...

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White Guilt Ken Hamblin’s “The Black Avenger” discusses an apparent white guilt that people feel as a result of the enslavement of African-Americans so many years ago. I do not understand this white guilt, and I certainly do not feel it. My family never owned slaves; we weren’t even in the country at that point. I do not believe that I would feel any guilt even if my relatives had been the biggest slave owners in the history of America. I might feel sad that this happened, but why feel guilt for something you never had any control over? I also agree with Hamblin’s assessment that
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Unformatted text preview: black people cannot be seen as equals while they are asking for handouts due to something that happened to other black people (not even necessarily anyone in their family) in the past. People talk about the equality of blacks and whites which by no means exists at this point in time, I understand that it is more difficult for blacks to succeed given their circumstances however, asking for people to constantly look at you with pity can only keep you down....
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