LSI paper - Bus 160 L Doty TTh.9:00-10:15 Life Styles...

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10/14/07 Bus 160 L. Doty TTh.9:00-10:15 Life Styles Inventory According to Human Synergisitcs International, J. Clayton Lafferty, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman, asserts that the “Life Styles Inventory” will allow for one to “know themselves” presently, and become the person they aspire to be. The “Life Styles Inventory” is an accurate way to determine one’s lifestyle tendencies. It is important that the participants must be completely honest, truthful, and unbiased when filling in their responses. I felt that I did a fine job trying to come up with multiple situations for each question. The more situations I could think of, the more I could relate and identify my score. I feel that the results of my “Life Styles Inventory” are quite accurate. Of the twelve styles, I demonstrate achievement, affiliative, conventional, and competitiveness. I will continue to discuss these as my primary styles and further analyze its development, impact on my life, and any changes that I may need to make. Of my top four styles, I found that I am the best at achievement. I usually have a great success achieving excellent results on difficult tasks because I try to accomplish goals based on my own values and beliefs. Even though I may have success in something, I know I can constantly work harder to become better. As I look back on my life I realized that I developed an achievement style ever since I have been attending school. Beginning with my elementary years, I made sure that I went to school every day, and my attendance has been important for me to this day. With school, comes homework.
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LSI paper - Bus 160 L Doty TTh.9:00-10:15 Life Styles...

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