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Women’s Studies 10 ONLINE (10039) Winter 2009-10 San Jose State University Susana L. Gallardo Office: DMH 238A Office Hours: M Th 12-1 pm This course is a basic introduction to the study of gender and feminist studies. With readings, films, and discussion, we will explore the relevance of gender studies to various topics in modern society. We will consider ideas about masculinity, femininity, biology, and gender as a cultural construct, as well as how these ideas play out in a modern society of inequalities. How does gender interact with race, class, and sexuality? How does it affect our lives, and the world? Like many social science arts courses, this class is not about providing hard and fast answers. It is about raising productive questions about women, men, and gender in a modern world, and equipping you to articulate your own views in a compelling and thoughtful manner . No prerequisites are necessary other than an interest in the subject, a willingness to consider new ideas, and a respect for views other than your own. As a General Education course, this class is intended to develop your writing and critical thinking skills. You will also hone your web and library research skills in a research workshop. Required Texts: There are no required books for this class, but a REQUIRED Course Reader is available from San Jose Copy, 124 E. Santa Clara (@Fourth, one block northwest of MLK Library), (408) 297-6698. Hours are generally 9 to 5, cash and personal checks only. The first day’s readings are online for your convenience, but you MUST have the course reader by the second day of class, or you will quickly fall behind. Course Requirements: Assignments Points Percentage Study Guides: 25% Video study guides (4) 60 Reading study guides (4) 60 20% Internet research worksheet 30 Brief gender essay 60 Exams Quiz 20 5% Midterm 100 20% Final 150 30% About this online class: Blackboard is the online learning system upon which this course is constructed. Login at for complete information or go to or call (408) 924- 2377. You will also need to download RealPlayer in order to watch lectures. WS 10 / 1
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Please be prepared to hit the ground running on the "first day of class," (12:01am Tuesday, January 5, as far as I know). You need to figure out the technical details quickly in order to keep up with this intensive class, so please get started as quickly as possible—download RealPlayer, try accessing the links and video lecture, make a test post to the discussion board, try to familiarize yourself with the Blackboard system. Post any questions to the discussion board so we can deal them at the start. Further, you MUST login and complete the
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WS10syllabusWinter2010 - Women's Studies 10 ONLINE (10039)...

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