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Paper for Psyc 135 Cognition Spring 2010 – Bob Cooper Topic due 3/15: You should select a very focused topic in cognitive psychology that is of interest to you, on which there is current research, and for which there is enough public interest that stories about the topic have appeared in the popular press (e.g., New York Times, Time Magazine, Science News, Discover, Mercury News). Your paper will evaluate the claims made in one popular article by looking at the published research on the article. For choosing your topic you need to find a popular article so that you can turn in a brief statement about the claims to be evaluated in your paper. Annotated bibliography due 4/7: Find at least four research articles that are related to your popular article. For each you will provide at least the following information: 1. The complete reference for the article 2. the overall focus of the study(ies) 3. the specific hypotheses tested 4. a description of the participants
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Unformatted text preview: 5. a brief summary of the results 6. a brief summary of the conclusions Attach a copy of the first page of each of the four articles Final paper due 4/28: The final paper will address the following: 1. A summary of the claim(s) of the popular article 2. An evaluation of the popular articles claims based on the research you reviewed. If the articles have contradictory results or differing conclusions, present hypotheses about why this might be so 3. A proposal for the kind of additional research that should be done to increase our understanding of the topic 4. References for all works cited in your paper When you turn in your final paper you will attach as appendices: 1. The topic paper 2. The annotated bibliography complete with the copies of the first pages of the four articles 3. Copies of the first pages of any additional articles that are included in your list of references. 4. A grading sheet that I will provide you...
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