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Quiz 2 Chapters - Corporate Internal Decisions(CID manipulative pricing The law and capitalism limits on law Externalities Paternalism all forms

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Quiz 2 Chapters: The Nature of Capitalism, Corporations, Consumers Study Sheet The historical stages of capitalism John Kenneth Galbraith; everything Adam Smith: everything Manufacturers Cultural values The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act Capitalism, Socialism Puffery Narrow/Broad view Strict liability; absolute liability Corporate social responsibility (CSR) “weasel words”
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Unformatted text preview: Corporate Internal Decisions (CID) manipulative pricing The law and capitalism; limits on law Externalities Paternalism; all forms The FTC v. Standard Education case Advertising Due care Product testing Warranties Price gouging Ethics and competition Capital Rights and rules Limited liability Berle and Means; date; significance...
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