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Extra Credit Worth Up to 5% into your overall grade Due In Class on Thursday 5/13 Assignment Now that we’ve reached the end of the course, for extra credit I’d like to hear about what you feel are the most important issues to be dealt with when addressing gangs in today’s society. Putting yourself in the role of a social scientist or policy maker, and using what we’ve learned over the term, what is the one or the couple biggest issues or difficulties you see that need to be focused on? For example, if you think we can’t move forward until we have a better understanding of the actual problem and to do that we need better research and better data, how do we do that and what are difficulties that will be faced? Or if you think the biggest problem is the lack of educational and employment opportunities for those most at risk of gang involvement, what is the way forward? Or if getting communities and current/former gang members involved in stopping the cycle of gangs, what are the hurdles to clear to
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Unformatted text preview: make that happen and what might the benefits be? These are just suggestions and the directions and content of this are very free form and open to interpretation. What I want to see is that you are putting thought in to the factors and issues we’ve been discussing and learning about throughout the semester and using that material, incorporated with the sociological perspective, to focus on this issue. While this is based on your own reactions, having evidence of what you propose can help support your argument (for example, if there is a program that has been discussed as being successful, what impacts has it been shown to have). Format I expect at least 3 pages, but no more than 5, double-spaced with standard margin and font. If you’d like, save a tree and print double sided. Please be sure to have it stapled when you turn it in....
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