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10-05-05 Culture - just keep going on and on Japanese tried...

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Culture - Functions of Culture o Prescribing Norms Culture will tell you what is acceptable and what is not. Tells you how to behave (dress, language, eating etc.) o Facilitating Communication - Characteristics of Culture o Socially Shared o Learned Culture isn’t something you get at birth. You learn it. It’s like creating a taste for food you can’t instantly love something. You have to grow into it. o Subjective o Cumulative Each generation would add to the culture. Also, Culture can be enduring. It can
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Unformatted text preview: just keep going on and on. Japanese tried to get rid of Korean culture in WWII. Koreans are still coming up despite that. o Enduring o Dynamic-Cultural Commonailty o Universals vs. Diversity (Culture Free Vs. Culture Bound) Mental Illnesses vs. Physical Illnesses-Culture free vs. Culture Bound-Culture and Consumption-Communication o Verbal o Non verbal-Esperanto – Looking all the good and bad of every language and using only the good to create a universal language....
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