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Research Questions and Hypotheses - Research...

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Research Questions/Hypotheses and Intro to the Literature Review for 298 Research Questions and Hypotheses 1. Do I need both a question and an hypothesis? 2. What do I do for qualitative research? a. Narrative research: What in Dorothy’s narrative description of her childhood might explain her current homelessness? b. Phenomenological research: What is the shared experience of homeless men and women who use shelter services? c. Grounded theory: Is there a theory that might explain why some homeless people use shelters while others do not? d. Case study: How would Joe describe the context and factors affecting his use of shelters over the past year? e. Ethnographic: Is there a shared set of rules governing how homeless people interact while living in shelters? 3. How many research questions and/or hypotheses? 4. What makes a good hypothesis? a. Name two variables (an IV and DV, preferably in that order) and indicate expected relationship (plus control variables if multi-variate). Note: in some
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Research Questions and Hypotheses - Research...

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