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Unformatted text preview: Case Study 3 "Redpaint people" Maritime Archaic "Redpaint people" Ancient America 90006000 years ago in what is considered the PaleoIndian / archaic period Original finds were dismissed as fraud or as poor science. Character of Evidence All archaeological Culture parallels Artifacts Use of ocher in graves Sophisticated technology for marine environment exploitation House structures Market stones Village sites Purpose of this case study Contextualize research into early North America. Understand the various controversies surrounding the discovery. Recognize that some archaeological finds are classified as mysteries because they run counter to normal classification. What's in a name? Transition from "redpaint people" to Maritime Archaic means it has gained more respectability within the science. It helps identify the culture in terms of chronology. But, this does not signify an increase in knowledge or understanding about this lost culture. Region Arctic and subarctic from Labrador to Maine. Possible connections to cultures of Greenland has been suggested. Major subdivisions of prehistoric North America Early Archaic 70006000 BC Middle archaic 6000 4000 BC Late Archaic 40001000 BC Woodland 1000 BC modern Maritime Archaic Harppon This culture is sometimes referred to as the "so called" maritime archaic by archaeologists who continue to doubt its authenticity as separate culture. Thrived between 70004000 BC May have been replaced ultimately by Dorsett and even later Thule groups migrating to the region. Sophisticated technology Intricate works of art Carved ivory Semi subterranean homes Burials with elaborate mortuary display Toggling harpoons Knives, scrapers, tool kits ...
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