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Notebook Exercise #8—due Wednesday, October 28 th Please upload to along with one piece of in-class writing from either today or Monday. One or two pages will suffice. Why I Stole It One challenge in both fiction and nonfiction is the creation of characters who are active rather than passive—who act on their desires rather than simply think about them. There are, in fact, two parts to this problem: the first part is identifying a single clear desire that motivates your character; the second part is discovering an action that both derives from that desire and embodies it in a complex and meaningful way. This exercise offers a means to explore both sides of the desire/action equation. To begin, go through your living space (this term is very broad and you may adapt it as needed) and find an object that interests you. Then sit with the object for some time and consider a character who might have had some motivation to steal this object. Your task is to have the character explain in her own words why she stole this item. You may use this exercise to better understand a character you have already created, or
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